How to Handle Toddler Growth Spurts and Outgrowing Clothes


Children’s growth spurts hit hard especially when you are trying for a while to find at least one outfit in their closet that fits them appropriately. Even if you have tried to be smart with your baby clothes shopping, your family and friends are still here to spoil your child with some more trendy outfits. As a result, you are left with a closet filled with outgrown clothes and finding ways to get rid of them. Finding solutions to this problem is a bit more exhausting for an eco-conscious person like me. If you want to handle your toddler’s outgrowing clothes, continue reading this blog post for our effective tips.

Clearing Out an Outgrown Children’s Wardrobe

There are several ways that you can adopt to clear a wardrobe that is stuffed with outgrown clothes. However, it depends on the condition of the clothes where they are good to be used or you have to find eco-safe waste removal services. Here are our tips to handle both situations.

Handling Outgrown Clothes in Good Condition

At a growing age, the child’s clothes are not much used, especially when they have tons of options to choose from. Hence, most of the items are in good and usable condition. Here are the options for dealing with such items.

  • Sell the Outgrown Clothes

You have paid a lot for buying clothes for your baby and it is not a bad idea to get a proportion of your hard-earned money back by selling the outgrown clothes. Many mothers out there like me are looking for options to thrift some good quality clothes at lower prices than the market because they want to efficiently manage that outgrowing issue. Hence, both of you can make some deals and save the money.

  • Donate the Outgrown Clothes

Selling is a good option but it requires time to deal with the customers and shipping the clothes to various destinations. Not everyone can afford to go through such time and effort-consuming tasks.


A better alternative is to donate the outgrown clothes to a local charity where someone can make better use of them and prevent the addition of textile waste to the landfills which is a burning issue of the 21st century.

  • Pass Down the Outgrown Clothes

Selling or donating is good, but some pieces are really hard to let go of because you have some amazing memories associated with them. In such a scenario, it is not to save a few pieces to pass down to the next generation. However, I didn’t like this option because storing the clothes and letting them fade into your memory for years is not my thing. Hence, if it is not possible for you, let your friends and family members have them for their children. Every time I see my nephew in my son’s little outfit, it reminds me of his amazing childhood and lets me cherish all those memories.

Handling Outgrown Clothes in Unusable Condition

There are some clothes with big stains or damaged fabric that can not be used by others. You will want to throw them away but stop!!! Here are some options for them too.

  • Show Some DIY Skills

Instead of throwing away the unusable clothes, convert them into a keepsake. Get your sewing kit and make some pillows, quilts, or stuffed toys with those outgrown items.


You can use the clear patches from those clothes and DIY these items to give them a new purpose in your baby’s life.

  • Discard as a Last Resort

You have repurposed the items as much as you could have but there are still some articles left that are badly damaged. In such a situation, you can use the discard option as a last resort. Luckily, I only source kids clothes from eco-safe and ethical brands. Therefore, I have a little less regret about throwing them away. Before throwing, do not forget to remove the zippers and buttons to use in your future DIY projects.

Final Words

In conclusion, sorting an outgrown closet is a careful and time-consuming task. With the above tips, you can not only easily get rid of the outgrown clothes but also save the earth from the damage caused by textile waste.