Highest Rank Rated Physical Therapy Clinics in NYC and What Sets Them Apart

When suffering from any pain caused by injury or otherwise, you’re likely to reach for a painkiller to ease your troubles. Although effective for immediate relief, these medicines do not target the cause—they merely dull the discomfort and put it off. It is wiser to opt for long-term strategies such as physical therapy. It is a treatment that is designed to provide long-term relief and help you put down those painkillers. Physical therapy is also highly beneficial to patients recovering from surgery and those living with disabilities.

New York City is home to many reliable physical therapists. Their holistic approach can help restore a full range of movement while simultaneously improving balance and reducing the risk of injuries in the future. Of course, to experience these benefits, you must select the right provider.

Read on to learn about the top-rated physical therapy clinics in NYC.

Complete Wellness

When patients speak of clinics offering the finest physical therapy NYC, Complete Wellness is likely to come up in conversation. Their approach is multi-faceted and unique, designed to achieve the best outcome. Their highly skilled therapists evaluate your injuries and symptoms while delving into the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of your life that may be contributing to pain. Following a comprehensive evaluation, patients receive a personalized treatment plan. Therapists at Complete Wellness are usually successful in facilitating a speedy recovery through a system of constant monitoring and analysis. Complete Wellness treats musculoskeletal injuries, orthopedic conditions, repetitive strains, post-surgical rehabilitation, and many other conditions with extensive treatments that include:

  •   Manual therapy
  •   Stretching and strengthening exercises
  •   Electrical muscle stimulation
  •   Ultrasound therapy
  •   Acupuncture
  •   Spinal cord stimulation

Spear Center

With a chain of 27 clinics conveniently spread across all 5 boroughs of NYC, it’s a breeze to find a Spear physical therapy clinic near you. The ease of setting appointments is one of the reasons why many NYC citizens choose Spear for their physical therapy needs. In addition, Spear provides an on-call service where patients can call therapists home for treatment sessions. This aims to offer assistance to elderly patients or those with small children and busy schedules. Some of the key treatments offered at Spear Center include:

  •   Hand therapy
  •   Pelvic floor therapy
  •   Ergonomic training
  •   Occupational therapy
  •   Joint pain therapy

The clinics also provide blood flow restriction training, cupping facilities, and sports performance analyses for track and golf.

Integrative Physical Therapy of NYC

Integrative Physical Therapy of NYC is known for its commitment to individualized, high-quality physical therapy treatment sessions. The clinic, conveniently located close to Grand Central Station in midtown Manhattan, values every patient’s unique needs. Patient analysis reflect a highly positive opinion of the clinic’s doctors and therapists, who are touted as experts at their jobs while also being welcoming and attentive. The clinic focuses on treating pain as well as nurturing relationships with patients. The clinic offers physical therapy as well as chiropractic services. The services available here include the following:

  •   Advanced manual therapy techniques
  •   Postural training
  •   Balance training
  •   Trigger point therapy
  •   Joint mobilization
  •   Post-operative rehabilitation
  •   Mild electrical stimulation
  •   Myofascial release

Evolve Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation

As the name suggests, this physical therapy clinic is frequented by athletes with sports injuries. It is widely recognized for offering one of the best physical therapy NYC. They specialize in post-surgery or post-injury rehabilitation programs in addition to joint and muscle strains. Various types of athletes can benefit from the BaseU program to minimize the risk of injury and pain while playing their sport. In addition, Evolve provides a range of treatments including:

  •   Corrective exercises
  •   Kinesio taping
  •   Cold laser
  •   Biofeedback
  •   Joint mobilization
  •   Therapeutic ultrasound
  •   Vestibular rehab

Evolve has clinics in Long Island and Manhattan. In addition, they maintain an open phone line for patients wanting to speak to a physical therapist before making an appointment.

Cynergy Physical and Occupational Therapy NYC

Cynergy provides sports performance and specialized orthopedic physical therapy treatments. The team focuses on providing one-on-one care through the various stages of screening, evaluation, assessment, and treatment. Treatment plans are customized according to the patient’s lifestyle and goals for treatment. The team of expert doctors at Cynergy is supported by state-of-the-art equipment and advanced forms of treatment, such as the Graston technique and functional movement conditioning. Some of the services available here include:

  •   Hand therapy
  •   Kinesio taping
  •   Lymphedema management
  •   Neuromuscular reeducation
  •   Custom splinting
  •   Occupational therapy
  •   Pain management

In addition to caring for lifestyle and sports-related injuries, Cynergy provides a range of therapies for women suffering from pelvic pain, endometriosis, incontinence, and other issues related to pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause.

ActiveCare Physical Therapy

This 1500 sq. foot facility is a well-recognized location in Midtown, New York. The clinic has won numerous accolades for its exemplary physical therapy services. ActiveCare offers a blend of Eastern and Western therapies for holistic treatment. The team includes certified physical therapists, physicians, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and massage therapists. Together, they create treatment plans for patients to help them function at their highest levels without pain and discomfort. Some of the special treatments available here include:

  •   Myofascial release
  •   Joint mobilization
  •   Strength and conditioning
  •   Acupuncture
  •   Reiki
  •   Pilates
  •   Massages

ActiveCare also provides telephonic health services for initial injury evaluations and remote physical therapy sessions.

Brooklyn Body Works Physical Therapy PC

Backed by over a decade of experience, Brooklyn Body Works offers specialized sports and orthopedic physical therapy. This Williamsburg clinic uses a multidisciplinary approach and manual therapy to treat and manage injuries and help patients recover from surgeries. Brooklyn Body Works hopes to give patients a stronger sense of both body and mind through therapy. They offer 25+ services, including the following:

  •   Acupuncture and acupressure
  •   Adolescent orthopedic therapy
  •   Alter G treadmill
  •   Cervical traction
  •   Functional training
  •   Geriatric physical therapy
  •   Neuromuscular re-education

In a bid to prioritize patient well-being, Brooklyn Body Works also offers local transportation services to and from the clinic. They also offer restorative yoga and Pilates sessions.

Empire Physical Medicine & Pain Management (EPM)

EPM has clinics in downtown and midtown New York. They specialize in orthopedic rehabilitation, pain management, physical therapy, and chiropractic care. The clinic has a team of licensed and board-certified specialists known for their medical expertise and bedside manners. It was one of the first clinics in NYC to offer spinal decompression for the neck and lower back. Today, they treat many conditions and sports injuries, including herniated discs, sciatica nerve pain, shoulder, knee, and foot injuries, and tailbone pain. Treatment options available here include:

  •   Therapeutic yoga
  •   Vestibular rehabilitation therapy
  •   Temporomandibular joint therapy
  •   Therapeutic massage
  •   Scoliosis rehabilitation
  •   Nerve blocks
  •   Epidural steroid injections

Manhattan Sports & Manual Physical Therapy

Often featured on lists about the best physical therapy NYC, Manhattan Sports & Manual Physical Therapy provides a healing environment where physical therapy is balanced with training, exercises, and other modalities to maximize rehab potential. The clinic is best known for its treatment of degenerative musculoskeletal problems, joint issues, muscle tears and sprains, rheumatic conditions, and sports injuries.  The facility includes a gym, access to therapeutic machines, and private rooms for one-on-one sessions. Some of the key forms of treatment available here include:

  •   Targeted stretching
  •   Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation
  •   Cranio-sacral therapy
  •   Therapeutic massage
  •   Dynamic weight and gait training
  •   Manual manipulative therapy

Getting the Most From Your Physical Therapy Session

The first step to recovery is acknowledging your condition and choosing the clinic where you can avail the best physical therapy in NYC. Keep in mind that you must trust your doctor and adhere to their treatment plan to make a full recovery.