5 Factors to Consider While Buying a Laptop for Your Child


In the matter of mastering various gadgets, modern children can give a head start to many adults. No one is surprised by children who confidently use a smartphone, tablet, or notebook. They are real cyber geniuses! For schoolchildren, a laptop is necessary for both entertainment and learning. So, modern parents start thinking about buying kid-friendly laptops quite early.

Such a present will provide the child with the necessary access to the gadget without the risk that a kid will accidentally delete important documents from the common family computer, break something in the settings, or launch a malicious virus into the system.

So today you will get to know how to choose the first good laptops for kids and what 5 factors to pay attention to.

Operating System

MacOS is one of the best operating systems you can choose for your child. Its main advantage is that it is automatically installed on all MacBooks. Therefore, after buying a laptop, you will not have to purchase and install an OS. Also, you will not have to pay extra for updates and standard installed software.

Yet, in very rare cases, you can have some issues when Mac software update cannot be installed properly. There can be various reasons for such inconvenience. One of the most common reasons is the old Mac version. If so, the Mac may no longer be compatible with new updates. That is why it is recommended that you make sure that the laptop you are buying is future-proof. This will enable young users to easily update their operating system and take advantage of new and sophisticated features. Other reasons can be a fast internet connection, Apple service issues, or a shortage of disk space. In this case, you should check each case individually.

Screen Characteristics

It seems logical that a laptop for a child should be more compact and light than for an adult. The small size is a significant advantage if you often have to take the device with you to school or travel with it. So, take a look at miniature gadgets. Such devices will be convenient for kids, and a bag or backpack with a gadget will not attract the attention of others. Yes, this is also a matter of a child’s safety.


The optimal diagonal starts from 14 inches. 15 or 16 inches is not bad, especially for creativity. 17-18 inches is a valid option if the kid has a tablet for use on the go and a laptop is needed only for home use.

 The amount of RAM

RAM is the capacity of a computer to run multiple programs or websites at the same time. Its volume is significant because it affects multitasking. It defines the possibilities of simultaneous use of several types of software.

Usually, schoolchildren have a set of parallel running programs as follows: browser, Word text editor, and desktop messengers. This does not require much RAM. 4 gigabytes is enough, but in the future, it is better to take at least 8 gigabytes.

Permanent storage

SSD is better than HDD. In particular, it is due to resistance to mechanical damage. Still, children do not always remember the importance of careful handling. Hence, there are requirements for manufacturing materials. Even if it is plastic, it is of increased strength.

As for the volume of the drive, you should not chase the maximum. It is unlikely that a schoolchild will be able to fill a Terabyte disk with useful content and development software. 56-512 GB is a normal storage capacity. It is enough for a long time if you regularly delete unnecessary files.

Video card type

There are two types of video cards – integrated and discrete. Since student needs are moderate, graphics on a separate board are not required at all. Built-in withstands daily loads and has the following advantages:

  • affordable cost,
  • correct operation without additional cooling,
  • silence.

Do not forget about control and safety.

Immediately after the purchase, be sure to block unwanted content, activate the parental control option, and set the allowed computer time. MacOS is the most secure operating system of all existing ones.


All applications in the App Store are rigorously tested. So your child will not be able to download a suspicious game or infect a laptop with viruses. Parents can control their child’s Apple computer with just a few clicks.


Children deserve to have everything the best, and a laptop is not an exception. A personal laptop for a child is a great solution. The best laptop for children can be a great gift and will be useful for studying. So do not hesitate to buy it, because it is a thing that a child needs.